Who is EnviroPod™?

EnviroPod™ International is a global leader in solving stormwater pollution challenges.

With a history dating back to 1996, our expertise lies in pioneering stormwater inlet filter technologies. Through years of experience, innovative design, and continuous research, our award-winning solutions tackle the issue of stormwater trash and marine plastic pollution on a worldwide scale. Our cutting-edge stormwater treatment technologies effectively capture pollutants at the inlet, ensuring compliance with regulatory stormwater management plans and preventing contamination downstream. Tailored and tested for the North American environment, EnviroPod™ stormwater runoff treatment solutions offer easy installation, smooth operation, and reliable performance, delivering sustainable results for future generations.

What is the LittaTrap™?

The EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter is a modular catch basin filter designed for placement inside any catch basin structure to prevent litter and other debris carried by stormwater from entering the storm drain system. Installed throughout Canada, the USA and across the Pacific.

Learn more about LittaTrap™ HERE.

LittaTrap configuration Grate

Why install a LittaTrap™?

  • Low-cost solution

  • Meets Regulatory Compliance

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Customisable solution  - can target TSS, nurdles or trash

  • Independently tested

  • Created by experts

  • Award-winning solutions

  • 8-year warranty

PPG (2)

EnviroPod™ is offering a 10% discount on the purchase of the LittaTrap™ for PPG members.

It will be the responsibility of the purchasers/owners to install and maintain the LittaTrap™. EnviroPod™ can provide online tutorials for assistance.


If you are a PPG member looking for more information please contact Darlene Coyle, Program Coordinator at Darlene.Coyle@trca.ca.

For more information on the LittaTrap™ Catch Basin Insert, please contact Barry Irwin, EnviroPod™ Sales Manager ‑ Great Lakes Region at barryi@enviropod.com


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